Business Solutions

BayCopy can help you with photocopiers, multifunction devices, laser printers, scanners,

large format printers, production printers and software solutions.

Helping you make the decision to purchase or lease your photocopier and printing equipment.

Multi-function Devices

Multifunction Devices (MFD's) perform multiple office imaging tasks such as photocopying, printing, storage and transmission of documents.

They feature Canon's cutting-edge technologies such as it's advanced network, document processing, and software technologies.

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Laser Printers

Maximise your productivity with Canon's cost effective Laser multi-functional printers in colour & black and white.

If you have a home or small office then the compact and low maintenance models will suit your needs. Or if you have a busy medium to large office then Canon's ultra fast, high volume Laser Printer will suit your needs.

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Document Scanners

If boosting efficiencies and reducing operating costs long term are important to your business, then we can help transform your office into a digital work space with a Canon document scanner.

Canon's versatile product line includes everything from the high performance to the extremely compact.

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Large Format Printers

Canon large format printers combine high speed printing with high image quality and stunning display graphics.

Our product is suited to satisfy a range of printing demands, such as as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) applications, poster production and the printing of teaching materials and notices.

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Production Printers

Canon offers a full range of production printers and software for in-house printing and commercial printers.

Whether you are in graphic arts, publishing, transaction printing or a corporate reprographic department, with our printing and software solutions you can turn around jobs faster and offer your customer the quality they demand.

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Software Solutions

Improve workflow efficiency, prevent waste, and conserve energy. Protect sensitive, confidential and proprietary information.

Making it easier to identify, evaluate and manage print costs. You can optimise paper handling tasks, as well as easily archiving, locating and taking action on valuable information.

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